Reloading a Revolver with an HKS Speedloader

Note that the speedloader is grasped with the pad of the thumb on one side of the body and the fingers projecting past the bullets of the fresh cartridges. It helps to use a carrier that allows removal of the loader with this grasp.
The extended fingers help align the loader with the cylinder, even if it's dark or the eyes are kept on potential threats. If the bullets don't slip into the chambers, the cylinder can be rotated slightly in each direction with the thumb of the hand holding the gun until they do.
The knob has just been twisted, releasing the cartridges, which have dropped into their respective chambers. At this time, simply let go of the knob and let the loader find its own way to the ground.
The knob has just been released and the gun hand is about to reacquire the firing grip, after which the action can be closed.
The empty loader has fallen to the ground and the action is in the process of being closed. Once it is, the fight- if there still is one - can be resumed.

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