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Why This Website?

I am a much better writer than a photographer or a subject for video recording. If you bear with me, I believe that you will find at least some value in taking the time to read what I have posted.

Over the years, some members of my Digest mailing list (see below) have contacted me with questions that had already been answered on this site, leading me to believe that not all the views and information presented here get absorbed on a single reading.

I do not claim to be the ultimate authority in these matters. In fact, some of the updates reflect my exposure to the views of others. Still, if you find anything on this site to be of value, I encourage you to check back here periodically. You may not agree with everything that I have to say but this material is posted in the hope that it will benefit you, not me.
1. The Defensive Use of Firearms website (free access)
2. The Defensive Use of Firearms Digest (no charge)
3. The Defensive Use of Firearms book (free download)

Why No More Live Training?

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